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State Farm accepted liab Oct of 2011 clear Rear End accident little girl asleep after party and Hit me! Have a documented TBI that keeps me falling cant work as home builder went from $250k to nothing intestins into pubic wall rotator cuff torn MERSA in ER ACL ripped off knee after over 50 major falls and impailings surgery did not hold fell again have to be cut again plus rotator cuff suffered with swollen leg 1 year before I could afford surgery.

Homes and investment houses all FORCLOSED on cars repossed pawned all gold etc just to eat can't get Food stamps because spouse works part time job to pay power and gas now we are living in an old office on the bad side of town with a borrowed car and our little dog praying when they shoot at the windowes on Fri & Sat night where not in range no way to live. I have worked hard to get where I was now to loose it all including millions in life insurance I had for 20 plus years. STATE FARM does not care 2 years and well over $100k in medicals not to mention lost wages & loss of Consortiu with spouse I can't even hold my Grandkids or go to gym for up to 5 years because of the MERSA concentration in my system.

Can't walk without 2 leg braces now because of the falling how long does it take to do the right thing I had to file suit because they were trying to let my statute of limitations run. I can only hope and pray no one else has to deal with State Farm and Adj Grider the way I have.

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Bloomington, Illinois, United States #752661

well sir I am truly sorry for your losses and pain, however, if you understood how auto insurance works,, its called LIMITS OF LIABILTY if the girl only had 50k in coverage well then yoru beef is with her and her assets, not the company, the contract is real easy, you pay the company a premium for an amount of coverage that you want, any losses above and beyond that limit, its on the party involved!

to Anonymous #752676

True. If I were in this situation, I'd get a lawyer and sue.

Her parents are still responsible for whatever that 16yr old does. You can go after their assets, big time.


Your spouse must be making extremely good money working part time, if that income disqualifies you from getting food stamps. There must be more income here than that or else like I said your spouse has an EXTREMELY good part time job.

I'm sure State Farm has paid some of your bills, however, I also think this isn't the full story on that either. A lot of people could wonder what you were doing out, at the time of night you would have been rear-ended by as you so rudely put it a "little girl," that rear ended you after she left a party. I'm assuming this accident happened in the middle of the night.

That being the case, the driver would have been a young woman and how do you know she was asleep, and how do you know she was on her way home from a party and hadn't been working a late shift someplace? Being you have filed suit what are you whining about?

to anonymous #737280

Spouse wks at Walmart the little girl at 16 told officer she had just come from party and she also said she was asleep as per the witness her head was back on the seat when she passed him as for me I was on my way home from North Ala doing a dog rescue for a senior going into assisted living it was only 10pm. State Farm has not paid me one dime and per there adjuster Mr Grider they don't give advances on injury claims welcome to the real world. I'm in Alabama sorry no food stamps I have no credit cards or kids at home so before you crack on some one the rude way you did I suggest you investigate state laws the lady at food stamp office kept saying are you sure there are no kids at home would you have me lie and you just assumed I was out partying sorry you have lived such a sheltered life

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