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First of all i have never been late on a payment.This all started back in December 2012.I mailed my vehicle payment into STATE FARM BANK along with a couple other payment's to AT&T and Also ATMOS ENERGY.AT&T along with ATMOS ENERGY recieved their payment's within (4)Day's from the time i mailed the payment's in ok.I alway's mail in my payment's ahead of time to make sure they post before the actual DUE DATE.On JAN.07,2013 I recieved an letter from STATE FARM BANK stating my payment was late and That i owed the payment plus $25.00 late fee.Now i remind you i have (10)Day's to get my payment in before it is late which would have been JAN.07,2013 RIGHT.So therefore this letter was sent before Jan.07.2013 For me to recieve it on Jan.07,2013.I telephoned STATE FARM BANK and spoke to a csr about my vehicle payment.I was told by the csr that they had recieved my payment but it was (16)Day's late WTF.My question to the csr is how?Could my payment be (16)Day's late when you all recieved my payment and Today is JAN.07 AND Today will be within my extra (10)Day's in which you all already have my payment.The csr stated i owe STATE FARM BANK AN EXTRA $25.00 for being late.I informed the csr that my payment was not late and That i did not owe STATE FARM BANK any more money at that time.The csr stated i could pay the late fee on my next payment.I asked the csr what part of not being late did she not understand.Got tired of talking to a brickwall and hung up.OK.It's time to make payment on vehicle for JAN,2013.So i said to myself i will send vehicle payment by WESTERN UNION to make sure the payment post early right.Now i am in WESTERN UNION trying to make my vheicle payment thru WESTERN UNION and The payment is not going thru right.So i telephoned STATE FARM BANK from the WESTERN UNION OFFICE and The csr that i spoke to had a lot of question's that i could not answer so i told the csr that i would call her back with the WESTERN UNION clerk on a three way so we could all talk together.Well the WESTERN UNION clerk and The STATE FARM BANK clerk stated getting into an heated altercation because the WESTERN UNION clerk stated that the code that was being given to her was not correct.This went on between the WESTERN UNION clerk and The STATE FARM BANK clerk for sometime before the problem was solved.Finally after all the bickering between the two clerk's the matter was solved and My payment was accepted.Now all of a sudden i was at work on Friday and My cellphone was going off none stop.By me being at work i could not just drop everthing and Answer my phone.When i did get a break,I looked at my phone and the call was from STATE FARM BANK.The call came in again and I answered the call.The STATE FARM BANK CSR REP,Stated to me that they had not recieved my payment for JAN.I went off.I told the csr rep.That i had just made a payment (2)Day's before at WESTERN UNION OFFICE and The clerk stated it was not posted.I asked to speak to an supervisor.Guess what?The csr had the wrong account pulled up it was not even my account.The supervisor did not know that i could hear him when he stated to DONNA,DONNA you have the wrong account pulled up this is not this person's account.He came back to the telephone and APOLOGIZED for the mistake.But this is not good enough for me.I asked the supervisor to take a look at my account with them.I have never been late ever before and I wanted my $25.00 returned to me by check.The supervisor stated why not let them credit the $25.00 to the FEB.Payment,No i want my $25.00 returned to me by check.The supervisor stated he was sorrry for the error and he had to write some people up for this matter.He stated DONNA was new.Oh well,Donna should not be doing anyone's account if she is not TRAINED PROPERLY.WTF.EVERYONE watch out for STATE FARM BANK.Please check everything STATE FARM BANK send's you.I understand everyone make's mistake's,But how?Many other mistake's has STATE FARM BANK made because their clerk's are not trained properly.Just think if i had set up automatic withdrawal with my bank,State Farm Bank would have withdrawed this money from my bank in ERROR.This is why i do not ever set up automatic withdrawal.If so i would at this time be trying to get my money placed back in my account.To STATE Farm Bank,You all should be more careful with training your banker's.What if you all had repo'ed my vehicle to find out this was a mistake?Believe me i would not have taken this lightly and As a matter of fact.I am not taking this matter lightly at this moment.I am very UPSET about this.You all owe me something.Right now i do not know what,But i will figure out something soon,"YOU CAN BET ON THAT".

Monetary Loss: $25.

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